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Griffin Family Tree
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Alfonso Culberson Lyle Sparks and Ida Pearl Griffin Sparks

Daughter of 
William Harry Jr., (Daddy Pop) Griffin
and Mattie A Arnold
Son of
Culberson Thomas Sparks
and Emily Jane (Emira) Gothard

Alforso C. Sparks (Lyle) and Pearl I. Griffin where married on April 21, 1918
They where brother & Sister to Edward & Maud Griffin

Alfonso Culberson Lyle Sparks

Alfoson C. Lyle Sparks & his Sister
Maude Victoria Lyle Sparks

Charlie Culberson Thomas Sparks - part Indian
Married Emily Jane (Emira) Gothard when he was 17

I am still working on this part of the family info. I know that Alforso and Pearl had 2 boys and 1 girl.
Norman Sparks 12-21-1919
Maltie Fay Sparks 11-13-1925
Charlie Sparks who was killed in a car wreck . He had 2 boys and 1 girl.

Memorial at :
 Alfonso Culberson Sparks  at:
Ida Pearl Griffin Sparks at:
Charlie Floyd Sparks at:
Charles T. Sparks at:

Descendants of Culberson T Sparks

Generation No. 1

1. CULBERSON T1 SPARKS was born Abt. 1870. He married EMIRA GOTHARD. She was born Abt. 1870, and died 15 Nov 1900 in Bethel, Rusk Co., Texas USA.


Emira Gothard Died in Child birth.

First two children where raised by the Lyle's


Alfonso Culberson (Lyle) Sparks b. 20 Apr 1895 d. 1961 Both in Rusk Co., Texas


MAUD VICTORIA (LYLE)2 SPARKS, b. 11 Oct 1897, Texas; d. 07 Mar 1970, Seagovile,Dallas Co.,Texas.

TRAVIS EDWIN SPARKS DERRINGTON, b. 15 Nov 1900, Rusk, Bethel, TX; d. 08 Jan 1972, Whitehouse, Smith Co., Texas, USA; m. LILLIAN CAUSEY; b. 09 Aug 1910; d. 16 Dec 1989, Whitehoue, Smith Co., Texas, USA




addoped or raised by

Charles Wilson Derrington

Born: 12 Sep 1877

Bethel, Rusk, Texas, USA

Died: 16 Oct 1938

[city], Rusk Co., Texas, USA


Nancy Margaret Bradbury

Born: 25 Aug 1878 in Laneville, RuskCo., Texas,

Died: 11 Apr 1958 in Henderson, Rusk Co., Texas,

Kinship of Washington Smith Gothard
Derrington, Charles Edwin Great-grandson 
Derrington, Travis Edwin Sparks Grandson 
Derrington, William Frank Son-in-law  
Goode, Juanita Elizabeth (Nita) (Lizzie)Wife of the great-grandson 
Gothard, Emily Jane (Emina)Daughter 
Gothard, Mary Parentine (Mollie)Daughter
Gothard, Washington Smith Self  
Griffin, Bennett Great-grandson
Griffin, Diana Lee 2nd great-granddaughter 
Griffin, Edward Oscar Husband of the granddaughter  
Griffin, Ida Pearl Wife of the grandson  
Griffin, Leland Jethro Great-grandson 
Griffin, Oscar Sterling (Bill) Great-grandson 
Griffin, un-named Great-grandson 
Griffin, William Robert (Bill) 2nd great-grandson 
Griffin, William Sterling (Butch) 2nd great-grandson  Jimmerson, Clementine Wife  
Johnson, Ginger Wife of the 3rd great-grandson  
Lisa Wife of the 3rd great-grandson    
Sparks, Alfonso Culberson (Fonza) Lyle Grandson 
Sparks, Charlie Culberson Thomas Son-in-law  
Sparks, Charlie Floyd Great-grandson 
Sparks, David Lynn 2nd great-grandson  
Sparks, Judy Ann 2nd great-granddaughter  
Sparks, Maltie Fay (Lyle) Great-granddaughter 
Sparks, Maude Victoria Lyle Granddaughter 
Sparks, Michael Wayne 2nd great-grandson 
Sparks, Norman Griffin (Lyle) Great-grandson   
Walker, Harold D. Husband of the great-granddaughter 

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