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Griffin Family Tree
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Robert Lester Goode's Family

James Edmund (Teddy) Goode
Teddy's part of the Goode Family


At last Teddy is here to help fill in the blanks about
 my Uncle Snooks' part of my family.   Now it is OUR Family.

Robert Lester (Les, Snooks) Goode

Robert Lester (Les, Snooks) Goode 

 b. 1 Jun 1913 Bridgeport, Wise, Texas.

d.  19 Jul 1975 Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas.

He was married one time on Oct 4, 1940 in Corpus Christi, Nueces, Texas.

Lillian Beatrice Harmon 1937

 Lillian Beatrice Harmon 

b. 17 May 1915 Calais, Washington, Maine

d. 26 Dec 1984  Dallas, Dallas, Texas

There first son, Robert, stillborn, 1941, Portland, Cumberland, Maine, and a second son, James Edmund (Teddy) Goode, b. 7 Jan 1943, Portland, Cumberland, Maine. 

Les, Lillian and Teddy 1943

I am very happy to say we have found him.  That is, he found me through this web site. On Monday Oct 20, 2008 he emailed me.  That is a day my sis and I will remember.  We had been looking for him so long.

Teddy & Friend Glen 1946-1947 ?

Les, Lillian, and Teddy moved from Portland to Corpus Christi possibly during the first half of 1945. I do remember visiting my uncle Snooks down by the coast in Texas. He had a band and sometimes worked out on a boat. Les worked at the Naval ship yard in both Portland and Corpus Christi, and a transfer may have prompted the move. They originally lived on North Beach in Alexander Court[s], and probably lived there until 1948 when they moved to an apartment in North Corpus Christi, where Teddy attended Kindergarten.

James edmund (Teddy) Goode 1948 ?

Les and Lillian separated in 1949, and she and Teddy went to live in Birmingham, Alabama. They initially lived with Lillian's sister, Frances Lavas and her husband, Mike, along with their daughter, Beth Ann (Fiander), and Lillian's mother (Etta Agnes Armstrong) and father (Arthur Thomas Harmon Sr.) who had moved there from Maine. Teddy attended the 1st-4th grades at St. Paul's Catholic School in Birmingham.

Les had a strong love for playing music and almost always had, or played in, a band. I'm not sure he really wanted to make money doing it, but it was certainly a passionate hobby. He had an ability to play many different instruments including piano, trumpet, tenor saxaphone, clarinet, drums, and violin. There may have been others that I can't remember.

James Edmund (Teddy) Goode married

Carol Lee Conover 11 Apr 1969 Farmers Branch, Dallas, Texas.

b. 23 May 1947 Denver, Denver, Colorado.

They have two children. James Carlton Goode, b. 8 Mar 1971 Dallas, Dallas, Texas, and Robert Steven Goode, b. 27 Nov 1972 Camp Hill, Cumberland, East Pennsboro Twp, Pennsylvania.

James Carlton Goode married

Heidi Parmelee 20 Feb 1999 Dallas, Dallas, Texas.

b. .

They have two children. Kendall Paige Goode, b. 28 Apr 2002 Arlington, Tarrant, Texas, and Cassidy Grace Goode, b. 13 Jul 2005 Fort Worth, Tarrant, Texas.

Robert Steven Goode married

Megan Michael Burns 12 May 2001 Las Vegas, Clark, Nevada.

b. 4 Mar 1975 Garland, Dallas, Texas.

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