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Griffin Family Tree

(Union) William Henry Griffin & Delia Beatrice Morris Griffin

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The memorial for William H. Griffin can be found on  at:
The Memorial for his wife   Delia Beatrice Morris Griffin is at :



Married Delia Beatrice Morris Griffin in 1867

Birth: September 11, 1834 in Iowa

Death: December 21, 1881 Rusk County, Texas

Buried in Block 1 Old Section of the Overton Cemetery in Town.

Inlisted in the Union Army in Delaware County, Iowa.

Military service: Bet. 1861 - 1863, Northern Army

Residence: 1850, Somersworth, Strafford Co., NH

1860 Living in Delhi, Delaware County, Iowa in

1870 Living in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa in

about 1874 Living in Moline, Rock Island County, Illinois .

by 1880 Living in Overton, Rusk County, TX .

William H. Griffin's Children and Wife
Grace Jernigan,Charley,Ida Christian,Robert & William


Delia's hard work lives on

Henderson Rusk County Paper January 28, 1926

Obituary of Mrs. Della B. Griffin of the Magige Murph community near Tyler passed away from earthly life Tuesday night, January 26, 1926. At the home of her daughter Mrs. W. M. Jernigan, with whom she had made her home for the past six years. The aged mother was born on January 24, 1844 at Jackson, Mississippi, being 82 years and 2 days old at the date of her death. She was married to W. H. Griffin in the year 1867. They then moved to Illinois and there lived until 1878 and from there came to Texas and settled in Rusk County near Overton and lived in the surrounding community until about six years ago having moved to the Magige Murph community  to make her home with her daughter. Although this being her home, she spent a great deal of her time visiting among her other children and grandchildren.

     Her death came after several months of suffering and was expected ably the family. All that could be done by loving hands was done, but it was all to no avail. She was truly a good mother and was faithful to every trust: being true and steadfast in her faith in God until the end. She said she was ready to go and would be at rest. Oh, what a great consolation to know that our loved ones are at rest. Only asleep in Jesus to await the summons from on high.

     Her life’s journey was not always bright for she was left with a family of six children to provide for. Her husband having died some forty – four years ago. Although with this great responsibility before her she never lost her abiding faith in God, fully trusting in Him to help her provides for and train them in a way they should go. She later was left with the responsibility of rearing four grandchildren. This she did with the same mother’s devotion as she had for her own dear children. But the dark clouds soon were dispelled and the family soon drifted apart, and time had left many deep furrows and wrinkles upon her brow. The dear old form was bent with the years and her hair was touched with snow but the mother’s love and affection was still the same. One of her greatest joys was to be among her children and grandchildren and she was always ready and willing to do any thing she could for them. She spent many lonely hours reading her little Bible, having read it through several times.

     Our hearts have been saddened by her death and we miss her, Oh, we miss her, but we all know that she has joined that innumerable host of the redeemed in a clime where there will be mo more sickness, sorrow nor death but all in joy and peace around the shining throne of God, Oh how sad to have the home tie broken and to know that on earth is can never more be complete. No love is as great as a mother’s love. There is no one to give us a comforting word in the time of trouble. No feeble voice to welcome us when we come to the door of the home, and oh, the dear mother’s hands that smoothed all the rugged ways and cooled the fever and cased the pain are no more. We shall never clasp them again on earth. Many are the sad and fond memories of this dear old from we loved so well. But again we know she is waiting for us in that home above where there shines one eternal day and where God forever reigns and scatters the night away. She will be the same dear mother and grandmother waiting to welcome us home.

     May God help each of us that are left so sad hearted and may we have the same abiding faith in Him that she had and when the final summons shall come to us may we be ready and prepared to meet her in that Celestial City where there will b e no more sad partings and farewells.

     She leaves five children and a number of grandchildren and great grandchildren to mourn her loss. One son in San Francisco, California could not be with her in her last hours. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church. Funeral services were held at the Overton Cemetery by Rev. H.S. Davidson of Henderson Wednesday evening January 27, 1926. Attended by a host of sorrowing relatives and friends.       Her Granddaughter, Bonnie Mae Christian.

Childern of William Henry Griffin & Delia Morris
Robert, Grace, William, Ida, Charley

Spouses of William H. Griffin's Children
Mary Foly, Will Jernigan, Pearl Bradherry, Mattie Arnold

William H. Griffin's Family

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