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Griffin Family Tree
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William & Mattie Griffin w/ first son Alvin

Children of William & Mattie Griffin

Note for today May 18, 2010 
  OH Goodness I am working on this web site agan.....    Adding photos... When I have finished adding all the photos I have  I will Delete this note.
I am also posting links to to each of our family members memorials. You can see a photo of there headstone and more.

Our Family Easter Sunday 1961
Marshall, Texas Photo by Hollis LaRoe

When one begins working on there family tree
 many things will cross your mine.
There are a few songs which cross mine.
This is one of them.
Mixed in this site you will find others.
Will the circle be unbroken?
By and by Lord, by and by,
There's a better home a-waitin'
In the sky Lord, in the sky.

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Civil War


My 2nd Great Grandfather
Co. E, 14 th Texas Infantry (Clark's Reg't Texas Inf.)
My 2nd Great Grandfather
Military service: Bet. 1861 - 1863, Northern Army Inlisted in the Union Army in Delaware County, Iowa.

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Griffin Family Tree, Welcome to our Family Photo Album,Tree and branches! LDS

Welcome to our Family Photo Album, Tree and branches!
I started with only pages from my grandmother's family Bible. Along with head stones in the Cemetery's I used to visit as a child. And with the help of the internet. A cousin Kay Mix (who I did not know I even had) found the information I had posted and she had our Great Great Grandparents Family Bible.
So this site is growing.
 In 2006 I found Maltie Fay Sparks Walker, the only living girl of Alfonso Culberson Lyle Sparks and Ida Pearl Griffin.  I knew her just did not know where she was. Maltie Fay (I call her), had photos and knew who was in them and also had the tree in Aunt Pearl's handwriting. It was so wonderful putting pictures with names. All I had was headstones. So here is a big Thank You to Aunt Pearl for keeping the story down for us. Pearl went home to be with Our Lord in 1972 but, thanks to her our story lives on.
At the end of 2006 my 2nd cousin 1st removed Milford H Arnold Jr. found me. By way of the internet and had wonderful photos also. Thanks Milford.
At last my Goode side is growing. My Cousin Teddy who I have never meet but knew about him. It was in 2008 I got the e-mail. Had his photo posted and he found me. I now have photos of my Uncle Snooks. Thanks Teddy

I am creating this photo album web site both to help keep track of our favorite family photos and to share our memories with friends and relatives all over the world. Look hard, you could even find some your kinship on one of the branches or twigs.

Hi it's me Diana Lee Griffin at "Sweet 16"
I'm trying to water this tree so it will grow! With a lot of Pray.

The roots of our East Texas - Griffin Tree Began in Overton, Rusk & Smith Countys. Right on the County line.  



The Griffin side goes back to

England in 1780

with My 4th Great Grandfather WILLIAM H.GRIFFIN.

He was born 1780 in England,

 died 17 January 1854 in

Dover, Stafford Co., New Hampshire

The Arnold Side goes back to England 1720
My 5th Great Grandfather :
JAMES ARNOLD was born 1720 in England
Died in South Carolina, USA

Let me take you back a few generations to my Griffin England roots. William H. Griffin was born in 1780 in England. When he came to Middlesex County, Mass. I am not sure. He married Olive Read on 27 Feb. 1806. William and Olive then moved to Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire. Where there son George Graham Griffin was born. George Graham Griffin married Julia Ann George on 16 November 1833 in Platsburgh, New York . George and Julia lived in Strafford County, NH until after 1854, then moved with their family to Delphi, Delaware County, Iowa.
Their oldest son was William Henry Griffin. William Henry served in the War between the States as a Union Privat. He was wounded in Atlanta, Georgia. While in the hospital there, he met Delia Beatrice Morris. Delia was a nurse in the hospital and was a Southern. After the war he moved to New Orleans and lived with Delia's mother and brother. Delia and William Henry Griffin were married 11 September 1867 in Chatiwa, Pike County, Mississippi. Also Cousin Kay, In west Texas has his milirary Records, marriage certficate and a few christianing records. Which I one day hope to get a copy of.
After William and Delia marriage they moved to Davenport, Scott County, Iowa and then to Moline, Rock Island County, Ill. They eventially moved to Overton, Rusk County, Texas. 
This Genealogy was keep in Our Griffin Family Bible.

My home town Overton, Rusk County,Texas.

My Great Great Grandfather WILLIAM HENRY GRIFFIN and his family came to the Overton Area in 1880.

"A Growing Community nestled in the Piney Woods of East Texas"

With charm and southern hospitality.

Overton is on the Smith county line sixteen miles northwest of Henderson in northwestern Rusk County. It was laid out in 1873 at a site that was to be the junction of two railroad lines and was named for Frank Overton, an early settler who owned land in the area and donated some of it for a townsite. The Masons and Odd Fellows erected a frame schoolhouse at the townsite. In 1888 an Overton newspaper described the town as having "15 or more good businesses, two large hotels, numerous buildings, a fine chartered school, excellent society, pure air, good water,and a population of over 500.Overton was primarily a farming center until oil was discovered in the area around 1930. INDEPENDENCE, TEXAS (Smith County). Independence was a church community on a light-duty road off Farm Road 2607 just northeast of Lake Tyler East and four miles west of Overton in eastern Smith County. It was originally part of the John Long survey. Little is known about early settlement, but records for 1903 show two schools in the community. A one-teacher white school was attended by thirty-seven students, and a one-teacher black school had thirty-six students. By 1936 the schools had merged with the Arp Independent School District. The 1936 county highway map shows only a small unlabeled cluster of farms at the intersection of two dirt roads.

To help you move through our Tree this should also help.

If you know who your looking for just click on the name and it will take you to there page. As I can get more info. about a family member I will make a page just for them.

My name is Diana Lee Griffin

I was born to

Leland Jethro"Lee" Griffin

and Juanita Elizabeth"Nita" Goode Griffin (Nita), I also have a younger brother (Bill) William Robert Griffin, and my half sister Margaret E.Phontrmoli LaRoe.

My Grandparents where Edward Oscar Griffin and Maude Victoria Lyle Sparks Griffin.
Great Grandparents William Harry Griffin Jr. and Mattie Arnold
G.Great Grandparents William Henry Griffin Sr. (Union Army) and Delia Beatrice Morris Griffin
G.G.Great Grandparents George Graham Griffin and Julia Ann Gorge.
G.G.G.Great Grandparents William H. Griffin (From England) and Read Olive Monnort.

Thanks for taking a look at our family tree and all the branches. Please be sure to get in touch with me if you have any ideas and info about our family you would like to see out here. Just E-mail me.
Because we never know when the Good Lord will call one of us home. I am hope that one or both of my sons will keep this tree growing after I am gown home.

I have way over 500 members on our tree.
To help you find someone or just check out names. Click here and it will take you to a list of members.
 I can not post info. on all them
but will love to help you if I can.

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