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Griffin Family Tree

Rose Griffin Warlick / Rauma

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Daughter of 
William Harry Jr., (Daddy Pop) Griffin
and Mattie A Arnold

Rose Etta Griffin

Rosie E. (Rose) Griffin
 b.   24 Jul 1905 in Smith Co., Texas
  d. 29 Jan 1994 in Houston, Harris Co., Texas, USA
Cremation: Houston, Harris Co., Texas, USA
Rosie's First Husband:
 John Henry Warlick 
 b. 04 Mar 1891 in Louisiana 
d. 21 Mar 1951 in Kerrville , TX
burial : Veteran Service Start Date: 9 Nov 1914
Veteran Service End Date: 10 Dec 1921
Interment Date: 23 Mar 1951
Cemetery: Kerrville National Cemetery 
Buried At: Section 2a Site 7 
Rose's 2nd husband was Rauma
at this time I have no info on him.

Rosie and John had one child. A girl,  Barbara R. Warlick Page, was born  16 Nov 1921 in Texas Was killed in a car crash on 02 Jun 1944 in Bexar Co.,Texas. She was burial at Mason Cemetery, Arp, Smith Co., Texas USA . Next to the Griffins in Sec.A.

Moved To Washington State,
Said She loved the snow

My Great aunt Rose had moved to Renton Washington.
Her first husband was John Warlick, he died and then she married Rauma. They had a apple farm in Renton Washington.
I remember talking with her in about March of 1962. I was 13, I remember we talked about the cold and snow in Washington, how she loved it and loved rasing apples.

She said she loved the snow.
looks like they got it............

1920 Cences has John H. Warlick age 28
In the Military & Naval Forces at Sea on the USS Dolphin
Listed home as being Dallas,Texas and Birth Place LA. And Sangle.
Notes: the 1930 Cences Dallas County, Texas
has John H. Warlick age 39 DOB year 1891, born in LA.
Father & mother both born in Texas.

Along with his wife Rose E. Warlick age 24 DOB 1905 as roomers in the home of Carol Davis and wife.

daughter: Barbara W. Warlick
Was killed in a car wrick

Memorial of Barbara Warlick Page on is at:

1930 Censes shows a daughter Barbara W. Warlick age 9 years. Living with her grand parents Harry & Mattie Griffin in Arp, Texas. Also, Dell age 19 was still at home at that time.

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