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Griffin Family Tree
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Charles T. Sparks

My Great Grandparents
Charlie Culberson Thomas Sparks 
(was 1/2 Native American)
 & Emily Jane (Emira) Gothard
 ( was Irash)
Emily died right after childbirth of there 3rd child.
Charlie remarried (to Eliabeth Wheat) and had no other children.
Birth:  Sep., 1872
Death:  Dec. 28, 1934


McCurtain County Local Newspaper:

January 11, 1934


Funeral services for Charlie Sparks, aged 59, were conducted December 28th, at Holly Creek. The deceased was born in Texas in 1874 and was the father of Mrs. W.P. Massey.

Funeral arrangements were in charge of the Coffey Funeral Home. 

Charles T. Sparks

Memorial for Charles T. Sparks on is at:

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