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Griffin Family Tree

Juanita Elizabeth (Nita) Goode Griffin (Wife of Leland Jethro (Lee) Griffin)

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Daughter of
Wife of
Mother of

Juanita Elizabeth (Nita) Goode Griffin
Birth: 09-10-1918 (or 1915)
           Bridgeport, Texas
Death: 10-21-2006 
           Overton, Rusk county, Texas
Mom's Grave is in Mason Cemetery Arp, Texas  Memorial at:


Will The Circle Be Unbroken


I was standing by the window
On a cold and cloudy day
When I saw the hearse come rolling
To carry my mother away

   Will the circle be unbroken
   Bye and bye Lord bye and bye
   There's a better home a waiting
   In the sky Lord in the sky

I said to the undertaker
Undertaker please drive slow
For that body you are carrying
Lord I hate to see her go

Well I followed close behind her
Tried to hold up and be brave
But I could not hide my sorrow
When they laid her in that grave

I went back home Lord that home was lonesome
Since my mother, she was gone
All my brothers and sisters crying
What a home so sad and alone

 I did not  stand by the window,
I was just outside the room at the Nursing Home.
 As they covered mother's body,  put it on the roller
 and rolled her body away. 
 Just before I had been alone with her and prayed.
 Her Spirit had left many hours before.
I was at the cemetery when the hearse came rolling
in with my mother's body within.
 I watched as every one when about there business.
Flowers and family members came.
Love ones for our Church Family also arrived. 
 After every one had  said there good buys,
There where 3 red roses placed, just for mother,
One from each of her  children. 
All had left but, I remained.
Things stilled needed to be finished.
The grave was covered and the flowers where placed.
That is when I said   "See you again by and by".

Grave Side

Juanita Elizabeth (Nita) Goode
d. 21 Oct 2006

Mother:Juanita Elizabeth "Nita"Goode Griffin born to Olin B. Goode and Margaret Bell Sandefur Goode on 09-10-1918 She has had that year changed to 1915. Died 10-21-2006  at the N. Home in Overton Texas.  Burial at Mason Cem. Session C.
  Mother was married 5 times.
The first time in July 14, 1933 to Anthony Wesley Pontremoli (Buster). Buster was killed by a train on May 12, 1935 in Odessa, Ector County, Texas. They had one child. Margaret E. Pontremoli born on May 16, 1934. Sis Married Hollis G. LaRoe April 1957 and they had one child Margaret Camille LaRoe on 10-14-1958.
2nd: Jack Hodges,
3rd: Roy  Quarles,
4th: Charles DeCook
5th and last On :July 30, 1945 Nita married , Leland J. Griffin.
*Lee and Nita where married for 46 years untill his death in 1991. They had two children: a girl (me) Diana Lee Griffin on 03-18-1949 And one son William Robert (Bill) Griffin on 12-20-1950,

Margaret Elizabeth Pontremoli ( LaRoe)

Diana & Bill Griffin Overton, Texas

Nita had one brother, they where very close.

Robert Lester (Les & Snooks)Goode

Robert Lester Goode (Les, Snooks)
Photo taken between 1945 - 1948


Nita's Mother:

Margurett Bell(Maggie Bell) Sandefur 

Native American Blackfoot

 Birth: 02-17-1895 Death: 08-29-1939 killed by a gun shot wound. At her home while see was in bed. The Shot came from the window and it was a Homicide. Her husband was triled for it but they could not comvect him this was in Freer, Texas.

Nita's Daddy

Olin B. Goode

Birth: 02-20-1887  in Bridgeport, Texas

Death: October 5, 1949 in the Overton Hospital, Overton, Rusk county, Texas. Burialed in Overton City Cemetery (unmarked grave). At the foot of Clay Hall

 in Overton,Rusk Co.,Texas. Burial: Overton Cemetery The grave is unmarked

Starting at Nita's grandfather and going back as follows:

Father: Robert Fairchild Goode: Birth: March 1853 in Arkansas Death: 1922 in Texas Burial: East Bridgeport cemetery, Bridgeport, Wise Co., Texas
Mother: Emma Elizabeth Furlow: Birth: April 1857 in Alabama Death: 1926 in Texas Burial: East Bridgeport Cemetery, Bridgeport, Wise Co., Texas Robert and Emma Goode where married ABT 1874,


1. Elizabeth Goode Birth: 09-27-1874 in Arkansas

2. Ida Bell Goode Birth: 02-21-1880 in Arkansas

3. Georgia Lucy Goode Birth: 07-17-1882 in Dan Wagner Ranch, wise Co.,Tx.

4. Richard Samuel Goode Birth: 01-16-1885 in Bridgeport, Texas

5. Oneda Mae Goode Birth: 01-16-1885 in Bridgeport, Texas

6. Olyn Benjamin Goode Birth:02-20-1887

7. Kossie Oran Goode Birth: 03-19-1892 in Bridgeport, Texas

8. Dannie Goode Birth: 12-01-1894 in Bridgeport, Texas

9. Estelle Goode Birth:09-21-1898 In Texas.

Robert Fairchild Goode

Father: Richard Goode Birth: 02-23-1810 in Henry Co., KY

Mother: Mary Jane Stewart Birth 1829 in Lisbon, Union Co., AR.

Married : ABT 1874 Emma Elizabeth Furlow Parents unknown to me at this time.

Richard Goode Birth: 02-23-1810 in Henry Co., KY Death: ABT 1883 in Three Creeks, Union Co., AR
Mary Jane Stewart Birth: 1829 in Lisbon, Union Co. Ar. Death:
Richard and Mary Jane Goode married 03-11-1851 in Champagnolle, Union Co. AR.


1. Robert Fairchild Goode Birth 03- 1853 in Arkansas

2. Mary F. Goode Birth: ABT 1864 in Arkansas

3. Martha E. Goode Birth : ABT 1867 in Arkansas

4. Narcissus Goode Birth: ABT 1870 in Arkansas

Richard Goode<

Father: Charles B. Goode Sr. Birth: ABT 1774 in Surry Co., NC Death:

Mother : Elizabeth Halbert Birth: ABT 1776 in Surry Co., NC

Children: Richard Goode Birth 02-23-1810 in Henry Co., Ky
Father:Charles B.Sr.Goode
birth Abt: 1774 in Surry Co.,NC
Death: BEF 2 May1835 in Rogersville, Lauderdale Co.,Al.
Father: Richard (Major) Goode

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