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Griffin Family Tree

William Harry Griffin (Jr. or Daddy Pop)

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My Great GrandParents w/ first son Alvin
W.H.Griffin Sr and Wife Mattie

Photo taken at Grace Edith Griffin Jernigan
His Sister

Memorial on Find A Grave
Mattie Ann Arnold Griffin 's
grave is in Mason Cemetery Arp, Texas  

(Wife) Mattie Ann Arnold Griffin and
(sister) Grace Edith Griffin Jernigan

4 of There Children Dell is not born yet
Edman, Vera, Pearl & Alvin

We all have our me memories of Daddy Pop. He was blind and therefore I saw him as a very peaceful and quite man. He liked to leason to the radio. And would always want us kids to come close to him. Which was okay with me. He always had a smile and wonderful things to talk about. What I remember the most about Him and My Granddaddy (E.O. Griffin his son)was that every Sunday before granddaddy went to Sunday School and Church he would go out and visit Daddy Pop. He always gave him a shave with a razor. My son Curtis has the razor. Sometimes Daddy Pop would stay at Aunt Pearls or His sisters Aunt Grace.

On 10-19-2002 another memories comes from W.S. Griffin one of Daddy Pops greatgrand sons. "My Dad and I where talking about Daddy Pop last month..How I had mentioned that I had only seen him once or twice.. the last time he felt my face with his hands and probably felt more than most people see. He then slipped a silver dollar into my hands which I quickly slid into my pocket. What a Memory!"

Daddy Pop Married Mattie A Arnold
They had 6 Children.
I, Diana Griffin, knew all but Alvin.
All but 1 is burial is at
Mason Cemetery, Arp, Smith, Texas, USA
Edward Oscar Griffin -
   b. 25 Mar 1893 in Texas
   d. 27 Apr 1965 in Houston, Texas
   burial - Mason Cemetery, Arp, Smith, Texas, USA
(personal note about E.O. Griffin my grandfather. He died in Houston Hospital because he had just arived there to have some test ran. Him and Grandmothr went by train. They where staying at his sisters home. They got him checked into the hospital. He told them to go on home he was tired and wanted to rest. He died before grandmother and his sister got home.
Pearl I Griffin  
   b. 07 Nov 1894 in Texas
   d. 29 Aug 1972 in LA 
   burial - Mason Cemetery, Arp, Smith, Texas,
  (note about Pearl's death. She Died in LA because that is where her girl Fay lived.)
Vera Beatrice Griffin 
  b. 26 Aug 1898 in Texas
  d.  08 Sep 1992
  burial-Mason Cemetery, Arp, Smith, Texas, USA
Ora Dell Griffin    
  b.  04 Jul 1910 in Texas 
  d. 31 Jul 2003  in Houston, Texas
  Burial - Mason Cemetery, Arp, Smith, Texas, USA
Rosie E. (Rose) Griffin 
  b. 24 Jul 1905  in Smith Country, Texas
  d. 29 Jan 1994  in Houston, Texas
                                                 Burial -Cremation in Houston,Texas
Alvin Griffin 
  b. 18 Feb 1891 in Texas
  d. 27 Oct 1918  in Texas
  Burial - Mason Cemetery, Arp, Smith, Texas, USA
(Died from the Flu, One of his sons died a few years later and is next to him.)

Will let's start back in England in 1780.
William H. Griffin was born in 1780 in England. When he came to Middlesex County, Mass. He married Olive Read on the 27th of Feb. 1806. William and Olive then moved to Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire.
Where there son George Graham Griffin was born. George Graham Griffin married Julia Ann George on the 16 th of November 1833 in Platsburgh, New York. George and Julia lived in Strafford county, NH until after 1854, then moved with there family to Delphi, Delaware County, Iowa.
There oldest son was William Henry Griffin. William Henry served in the War between the States as a Union Private. He was wounded in Aatlanta, Georgia. While in the hospital there, he met Delia Beatrice Morris. Delia was a nurse in the hospital and was a Southern. After the war he moved to New Orleans and lived with Delia's mother and brother. Delia and William Henry Griffin were married 11 Sep. 1867 in Chatiwa, Pike County, Mississippi. Afater their marriage they moved to Davenport, Scott County, Iowa and then to Moline, Rock Island County, Ill. They then moved to Overton, Rusk County, Texas. Between Overton and Arp Texas. That is why you can find records in Rusk County and Smith County in Texas.
Born to William Henry and Delia Morris Griffin where :
My Great Grandfather (Daddy Pop): WILLIAM HARRY GRIFFIN (WILLIAM HENRY, GEORGE GRAHAM, WILLIAM HENRY) was born 14 December 1870 in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, and died 05 March 1962 in Overton, Rusk Co., TX. Burial:Masson Cemetery in Arp,Smith County, Texas
He married MATTIE ARNOLD. She was born 25 October 1872, and died 04 May 1941.
Baptismal Parish of Saint Margarets by Rev. H. Cosgroor.
Christening: 09 July 1871, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa

Children of William Harry Griffin (Daddy Pop) and Mattie Arnold are:

I will work on a page for each because I have photos:

b. 18 February 1891; d. 27 October 1918.Burial: in Masson Cemetery in Arp,Smith County, Texas next to his mother and father.


2. Edward O. GRIFFIN, My Grandfather
b. 24 March 1893;
d. 27 April 1965,
m.Maude Victoria Sparks they had 3 sons. one died at birth and Bennett b. 1924 d.years old. Leland J. (My Father)and O.S. Grow up Served in Navy in War World II & married.
Edwards death: Edward and his wife had just went from Overton by train to Houston. Edward going to have test in the hospital. He passed away just a few hours after checking in the Hospital.

Burial: in Masson Cemetery Arp, Smith County, Texas


b. 09 November 1894;
d. 29 August 1972;

m. Alfona SPARKS. They had 2 sons and 2 girl


b. 26 August 1898;

5. Rosie E. (Rose) Griffin, Moved  to Renton, Washington m. (1) JOHN WARLICK; m. (2) Rauma - They owned an apple farm there.

b. 24 Jul 1905 Smith Country,Texas

  d. 29 Jan 1994  Houston, Harris Country, Texas, USA   Burial - cremation in Houston 




b. 04 July 1910

d.31 Jul 2003

28 May 1983

m. John Wilburn Patterson. Lived in Houston and had Patterson Roses. Had a boy and a girl.

b. 09 Aug 1910

d. 28 May 1983

Burial : Mason Cem

Wife: Mattie Arnold Griffin

(Death Certificate stated that the cause of death was: Flu, then the lung trouble Illness for 10 days)

Father: Thomas Arnold

        b.28 Mar 1835 in Tenn.

        d.26 Jun 1911 in Texas  

        Burial At Mason Cemetery,   Arp, Smith, Texas

Mother: Rosanna Mason Arnold

b.21 Aug 1838 In Indiana

d.24 Oct 1927 in Texas

 Burial At Mason Cemetery, Arp, Smith, Texas

Thomas Arnold's parents:

Father: Martin Arnold

        b.1817 South Carolina, USA

        d.1854 Tennesse, USA

Mother: Nancy Halton

        b,1820 Tennesse, USA

        d.1854 Tennesse, USA

Martin Arnold's parents:

Father: William Arnold


         Lee Country, Virginia, USA

         d. 15 Aug 1830   

         Henderson,Tennessee, USA


Mother: Nancy Meredith

        b. 15 Apr 1787

        Spartanburg, South Carolina 

Willaim Arnold's Parents:

Father: John A. Arnold

        b. abt 1750 

           Glocester, VA

        d. 23 Nov 1813

     Spartanburg, South Carolina

 Mother: Nancy Arness Mitchum

        b. 11 Apr 1776

          Tennessee, USA

        d. 30 Apr 1856 

         Arp, Smith, Texas, USA



John A. Arnold's parents:

Father: James Arnold

        b.Abt 1720 in England

        d.South Carolina, USA

Mother: Cerena Athanette

        b. Virginia, USA


Rosanna Mason Arnold's Parents

Father: Andrew Mason

        b.9 Apr 1807 Kentucky,USA

        d.25 Oct 1862  


        Burial At Mason Cemetery, Arp, Smith, Texas

Mother: Malissa

        b.20 Aug 1810

          Tennessee, USA

        d.17 Jan 1893

          Arp, Smith, Texas

        Burial At Mason Cemetery, Arp, Smith, Texas


Vera, Pearl, and Dell.

Three of the four sisters,

This picture of Daddy Pops girls was taken by my daddy Lee Griffin

 about 1970 at a Griffin Family reuntion.

Vera, Pearl, and Dell.


Memorial Obituary

This is my great granddaddy. We called him Daddy Pop. His name was William Harry Griffin B.12-14-1870 D. 03-05-1962. His Burial was at the Mason Cemetery, Arp Texas. The Memorial Obituary was: W. H. Griffin - Overton,Texas Services will be held at 2 pm wednesday for william Harry griffin 91, a resident of Overton for the pass 85 years. Mr. Griffin died Monday in Houston following a lengthy illness. He was visiting a daughter, Mrs. Dell Paterson, at the time of his death. Rev. Odom Dyess, pastor of the First Baptist Churdh, Overton, will conduct the services in the Pearson Funeral Home Chapel. He will be assised by Rev. C.Frances, pastor of Overton's Mission Baptist Chruch. Burial will be in the Mason Cemetery, Arp Texas. Mr. Griffin is survived by one son. E.O. Griffin of Overton, four daughters, Mrs. Pearl Sparks of Henderson, Mrs. Vera Garrett and Mrs Paterson both of Houston, and Mrs Rosa Rauma of Renton, Washington. one sister Mrs. Ida Christian of Overton and several Grandchildren and great grandchildren. This was published in the pages of the Tyler Telegraph of Tyler, Texas March 7, 1962


Mattie Arnold Griffin was Daddy Pop's wife.
Born in 10-25-1872 Died in 05-04-1941 at age 69. She was a Arnold.
The 3 graves you see from the right to left is of Daddy Pop & Mattie,
Alvin Griffin 02-18-1891 / 10-27-1918 Alvin was the oldest son Of William & Mattie's .

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