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Griffin Family Tree
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Edward Oscar Griffin and Maude Victoria Lyle Sparks Griffin

Son of
Daughter of

Taken at there home in Overton, Texas
E.O. & Maude Griffin

Edward Oscar Griffin and Maude Victoria Sparks (Lyle)
where married on 12-24-1916 Rusk county Texas
They where brother & sister to Alfonso Culberson Lyle Sparks and Ida Pearl Griffin Sparks

Maude Griffin w/ photo of oldest son Lee Griffin

The couple was married in 1916 in Rusk County,Texas. They dad 4 sons, 1 son died at birth in 1918 with out a name, L.J. Griffin Born 12-05-1919,died 09-26-1991 S.O. Griffin born in 12-05-1921, and Bennett Griffin died 1927 at 3 years of age.
Edward Oscar Griffin Born 03-25-1893 & D.04-27-1965.
Maude Victoria Sparks born 10-11-1897 & D 03-07-1970.

My Grandmother Maude Griffin
She loved to sew and for others too.

A note regarding Maud Victoria Sparks (Lyle) name.
Maude and Alforso Sparks where rased by Alferd S. Lyle & Wife Emma B. Parker Lyle. In the School records for Cross Roads School District # 12 Smith County, Texas of 1914 it has Maude listed as Maude Lyle. In some places they used the Lyle's last name. But Maude and Alforso's father was names Culberson T. Sparks and there mother was Elmira Gothard. There Mother Elmira died a few days after child birth of there 3rd child. The baby was named Travis and one of Elmira's family members raised him.

Granddaddy loved outdoors, Working in his Garden
Had a wonderful Rose Garden Too.

Every Sunday TO CHURCH & and every day before
granddaddy left for work they prayed beside the bed.

Just a few things I remember about my Grandparents:
They where wonderful, kind loving people and went to the Baptist Chruch in Overton. Every day before Granddaddy left the house for work they both would get on there knees and give thanks to the Lord and close it with "The Lords Pray" together.
One Sunday I can remember very well, My brother and I where playing at there house and we used to love to play mowing grass with the mower. But, because it was Sunday Granddaddy got on to us because he looked at it as work and you just don't work on The Lord's Day.
Grandmother loved to sew and was very good at it. She sewed for other ladies too. She was a great teacher, because my sister and I both learned to sew from her.
Granddaddy had a wood working shop out back. He made a number of things. But, I remember the little school desk he made for my brother and myself. They had our names on them.
At one period of his life he was a school teacher. I think it was at the Red Leavle (one room ) School. Later years worked for Pope & Turner in Overton as the ordering person.



Memorial Obituary
E.O. Griffin of Overton, Texas . Funeral services for Edward Oscar Griffin, 72, of Overton, where set for 2p.m. Thursday in the chapel of Pearson Funeral Home with Rev. James Kirkland and the Rev. Calvin Franc's officiating. Burial was in Mason cemetery in Smith County, Texas
He died Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Griffin was a native of Rusk County, and had resided here the past 34 years. He had been an employe of Pope and Turner for 23 years. And was a member of the Missionary Baptist chruch. Also had been a teacher in the little school at Red Level Community.
Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Maud V. Griffin; two sons, Lee Griffin of Tyler and Bill Griffin of Kansas City, Mo. Four sisters Mrs. Pearl Sparks of Overton, Mrs. Vera Garrett of Houston, Mrs Rosa Rauma of Boshell, Washington, and Mrs. Dell Patterson of Houston, Four grandchildren and one great grandchild.

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